Rev. William Alabaster

John Racster, Dedication to Essex, A Book of the Seven Planets (1598); British Bibliographer 1 (1810) 544-45.

The same schoole bred us both, the same University nourced us both, the same colledge maintained us both, the same master preferred us both, the same roofe, nay the same bed sometimes contained us both. Every one whereof, (as it is the lot of bankrupts to drown others in their decay,) have lost somthing by his fal. The school saith, I have lost my hope of him; the University saith, I have made shipwracke of my favour by him; the Colledge saith, I have cast away my maintenance upon him; the maister saith, I have preferred preferment to discredit by him; the lodging saith his roome, the bed saieth his ease, was evilly bestowed. For the recovery of which losses, if my slender gifts may any way comfort them, I thought it my duty in the behalfe of the Schoole, University, Colledge, master, and the rest, to make some shewe of them to the view of the worlde; that it may perceive and judge, (apt enough to judge amisse,) that all birdes be not blacke, because the crow is so; neither all of the same school, University, and Colledge, be popish, because one some one proveth to bee a papist. You favored Alabaster whiles Alabaster [was] without spot: O let the same goodnesse in favour descend unto him that hateth his spots, but loveth him. The mother of us both, the University, once dignified, I had almost said deified, with your presence hath, committed her selfe unto your patronage: marvaile not there fore, (Right Honorable), though we her sons run together with our mother, under the safeguard of your wings. The father of all, even the God of mercy, blesse your Lordship, and honorable familie, unto the world's end.