Hannah More

William Forbes, in Life and Writings of James Beattie (1806) 2:146-47n.

It is a circumstance highly redounding to her praise, and well worthy of being recorded, that besides those admirable publications, calculated for the meridian of the upper circles of life, she thought it no degradation of her talents to employ her pen in the service of the lower classes of the people; and at a period when the press in Britain was teeming with the most infamous productions, purposely calculated to diffuse the principles of infidelity and sedition, she employed herself in composing short and familiar tracts, in the form of Tales, Dialogues, Ballads, suited to the capacities of the lower orders of society, and designed as an antidote to the poisonous tendency of the others. Those useful little publications were printed in a cheap form, in order that they might be more widely distributed by well-disposed persons; and it is to be hoped they were productive of the happiest effects. Mrs. Hannah More's latest publication, is entitled, Hints towards forming the Character of a young Princess.