Gen. Richard Fitzpatrick

Chandos Leigh, "Verses on the Death of Gen. Fitzpatrick" Morning Chronicle (5 May 1813).

Shall Genius sleep neglected in the tomb,
Unsung by those who saw its beauties bloom?
Blest as thou wert, FITZPATRICK, with a mind,
By Eloquence sublim'd — by wit refin'd;
With all the gifts that Science could impart,
With all the social virtues of the heart;
Colloquial elegance to charm the fair,
The table's boast, tho' SHERIDAN was there;
Well might we mourn — for ever, ever, gone,
Such splendid qualities combin'd in one.
Yet free from all the foppery in praise,
Thy Muse was veil'd, while Fame adorn'd thy lays.
Yet are the Multitude's applauses low,
Compar'd with those that Learning's Sons bestow.
If Fox, whose very name implies the friend
To worth, to Genius — wou'd thy works commend;
If he — companion of the favor'd few
Congenial spirits, all to Friendship true—
Smil'd on thy efforts, in those golden nights
When Fancy soar'd above her usual flights;
Or when Philosophy display'd her charms
To lure the Patriot from her Sister's arms,
His kind approval was thy best reward—
It warm'd the Man — inspir'd the Bard.