Samuel Jackson Pratt

William Cole, 1778 ca.; Collectanea for Athenae Cantabrigienses; Restituta or ... English Literature Revived 3 (1815) 75-76n.

A different person from the respectable Mr. [William] Melmoth. This last is a lad of some parts, he taught school for a time, and, by means of a friend, got interest with Bishop Green of Lincoln to put him into orders: after which he got a curacy at Peterborough, where, being a flowery and agreeable preacher, he was so much caressed and admired that he got into debt as much as he pleased, and borrowed money where he liked. Dr. Goddard of Clare Hall lent him 20. When he had got to the amount of 800 he thought it time to decamp; got an inferior commission in the army, and entered upon the stage: and afterwards going to Dublin, married a player there, of the name of "Melmoth," which liking better than his own, he took that, and is now known by the name of "Courtney Melmoth;" and is a writer for booksellers in town. This account I rec'd Dec. 9, 1778, from M. L.