William Gifford

Richard Nares to Thomas Percy, April 1803; Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIII Century (1817-58) 7:602.

Mr. Walter Scott, editor of the Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, is now in London; but I missed seeing him in consequence of my journey hither. The spirit of research into our early poetry, which your Reliques so strongly encouraged, is now very active, and almost so strongly encouraged, is now very active, and almost daily produces some accession to that branch of literature. G. Ellis will produce something more ere long; and whatever he does will, of course, bear the stamp of taste and genius. Mr. Gifford, the translator of Juvenal, is employed on an edition of Massinger. As no person is more likely than you are to be able to give some important aid to such a work, I have great pleasure in mentioning it to you. What he does himself, will be done with care and sagacity; but any hints from you will have great value, and it would much delight me to be the conveyer of them. Malone has furnished him with an unpublished play of the author. We have one or two about that date, in the Harleian Collection, but not ascertained to be his.