Rev. Samuel Hoole

John Hoole to Thomas Percy, 20 January 1783; Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIII Century (1817-58) 8:215.

My son having waited on Dr. Vyse, he received him very politely; he told him, indeed, that his situation was not such as gave him a right to ask of his Grace a favour of that kind, but that he would communicate to him the letter from Dr. Johnson. My son, in conversation, taking the liberty to mention your Lordship's name, the Doctor said that, as he understood you were acquainted with the Archbishop, a letter from your Lordship to his Grace might be of singular service.

I am therefore, my Lord, to solicit your kindness on this occasion, which will add to the other obligations received from your Lordship. I beg likewise to add, that I understand it will be proper for my son to declare himself a candidate as soon as possible, which cannot be done till he has obtained a degree.

My son was with Dr. Vyse this morning, and was obliged afterwards to go directly to Dulwich upon this business, which he hopes will be a sufficient apology to your Lordship for not writing himself.