John Pinkerton

Thomas Percy to John Pinkerton, 17 March 1780; Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIII Century (1817-58) 8:97.

We have now fixed for our removal thither about the middle of April, and then I shall with pleasure undertake the printing of your poems [Scottish Tragic Ballads]. Previous to which, I think it would not be amiss if you yourself wrote to Mr. Dodsley, to give him the offer of having it published in his shop, upon the terms I mentioned; viz., that if he will take upon himself all the expenses of printing and publishing, you will be glad to divide the profits with him, if there should be any, after all those expenses are defrayed out of the first returns. At the same time you may mention, that my present avocations having caused me to delay any intended additions to my former three volumes [Reliques of Ancient English Poetry] you are inclined to print your pieces in a separate publication, with my entire approbation; that you understand I shall be in town about the middle of April; that I shall be very willing to correct the press.