John Pinkerton

Walter Scott to Joanna Baillie, 21 March 1813; Lockhart, Life of Scott (1837-38; 1902) 2:322.

Mr. Pinkerton, the historian, has a play coming out in Edinburgh; it is by no means bad poetry, yet I think it will not be popular; the people come and go, and speak very notable things in good blank verse, but there is no very strong interest excited; the plot also is disagreeable, and liable to the objections (though in a less degree) which have been urged against the Mysterious Mother [by Horace Walpole]; it is to be acted on Wednesday; I will let you know its fate. P., with whom I am in good habits, showed the MS., but I referred him, with such praise as I could conscientiously bestow, to the players and the public. I don't know why one should take the task of damning a man's play out of the hands of the proper tribunal.