Mary Robinson

John Wolcot, "Lines addressed to Mrs. Robinson" Morning Post and Gazetteer (14 March 1800).

SAPPHO, I take thee at thy word,
And now accept thine invitation,
For where there's pleasure, by the Lord—
I never look for supplication:
At such poor prudery, mind, I scoff—
Shew me a hobby-horse, I'm off—
Well, as I'm fond of peas and beans,
And cabbages and — and —;
And as near thee, those vegetables grow,
I'll soon be near old Windsor's tow'rs,
And now and then some leisure hours
On Critics, Rhimes, and Rhime-mongers bestow;
And sometimes I will make a pretty Ode,
Where Courts shall be the burthen, alias load.—
We won't be Rivals tho', for fear
The same thing may again appear,
Which happen'd once in Greece, in days of yore;
You recollect the well-known story,
How sweet CORINNA, crown'd with glory,
The palm of verse from cousin PINDAR bore;
And as Her talent shines in THEE—
The Lord have mercy on poor — ME!