Mary Robinson

Samuel Egerton Brydges, "Mrs. Robinson" Censura Literaria 6 (1808) 223.

This celebrated woman once known in the annals of gallantry by the name of Perdita, was afterwards distinguished in the circles of fashionable literature under the signature of LAURA-MARIA. The zeal with which in the wane of her beauty she devoted herself to the Muses did her honour; but it may candidly be doubted whether she ever drank at the true waters of Helicon. Her style both in prose and verse was the most unchaste that ever was exhibited; and she seemed to deal more in an exuberance of glittering words than in thoughts of any kind. She paid in her latter days by neglect and poverty for the vanity and vices of her youth. She died Dec. 26, 1800, at her cottage on Englefield Green, aged about forty. Some Memoirs of her written by herself have since been published. She was a native of Bristol; her maiden name was Darby.