Joseph Cooper Walker

Henry Boyd, in "To Joseph Cooper Walker" Boyd, Poems (1793) 552-53.

What spell, by gifted wizard wrought,
Thro' that long pass of perils brought
My friend? — What secret prayers had power
To ward the dangers of the hour?—
What still, small voice was heard so high,
When Discord shook the vaulted sky;
When royal threats, and clamours loud,
Sent from the wild, misgovern'd crowd,
In general peal was heard to swell,
And Blasphemy, with Stygian yell,
Seem'd to call down the bolt of Fate
To sweep from earth the guilty state?—
—It was the orphans pious prayer,
That rose, like incense, on the air,
And, thro' the congregated gloom,
Fraught with woe, and clogg'd with crimes,
(Where millions seem'd to read their doom)
Sprung up to those Elysian climes,
Where high above the mad debate,
Virtue's guardian holds his state;
Nor was the seraph slow to send
A convoy to the orphans' friend.