Rev. Henry John Todd

George Chalmers to Archibald Constable, 9 June 1806; Archibald Constable and his Literary Correspondents (1873) 1:422-23.

Yes, you say: the Rev. H. Todd, the editor of Milton and Spenser, for the last of which he was so scolded by the Edinburgh Reviewer, has a MS. of Henry Constable's poetry. If he has, I think it likely, I presume to believe, that you will get this MS. I will go to him to-morrow upon this business. I know him well to be not only one of the most ingenious but most worthy of men; and I am sure he will not hesitate a moment to gratify me, if he have no special purpose to answer.

I think you may venture to give it as a piece of literary news in your next Magazine: — The Rev. Mr. H. Todd, the editor of Milton and Spenser, has it in contemplation to favour the public with an octavo volume on the Life and Writings of Chaucer.