Henry Headley

John Nichols, in Literary Anecdotes of the XVIII Century (1812-15) 8:157-58.

This truly amiable young man was of Trinity College, Oxford. He had been educated under Dr. Parr; and, before the age of 20, published a volume of Poems of very superior merit. But he is principally known to the literary world by two volumes of Select Beauties of Ancient British Poetry, with Remarks; a work very much and deservedly esteemed; and which was so well received, that it was the intention of Mr. Headley to have prosecuted his plan, and obliged the Publick with some farther specimens of his accurate taste and judicious criticism. He was also a contributor to the Olla Podrida, an acknowledgment of which is made in the Preface to that work; and for some years a very valuable correspondent of the Gentleman's Magazine, under the signature of T. C. O. — His superior excellence of disposition, and his exalted dignity and force of mind, rendered him the delight and admiration of his friends, and supported him with almost unexampled fortitude through the whole of a lingering and most harassing illness. To these qualifications he united the most distinguished genius and abilities, a delicate and refined taste, a richness of imagination, and an extensive and well-directed reading, which promised the highest advantage and ornament to the literature of his country. He died at Norwich, Nov. 15, 1788, at the early age of 23.