Lady Catherine Rebecca Manners

Anonymous, "Memoirs of Lady Manners" Lady's Monthly Museum 10 (March 1803) 145.

Lady Manners, the illustrious writer of the poems to which her Ladyship's name is affixed, was the beautiful and accomplished Miss Gray of Ireland; and is still considered "the Cynosure of neighbouring eyes."

A few years ago, she gave brilliancy to Bath by her presence. The exquisite loveliness of her person was more than excelled by the graces of a mind, which native excellence, and the most correct education, rendered at once amiable and splendid.

Amidst a crowd of admirers of high rank and merit, Miss Gray selected for the partner of her life, the present Sir William Manners, Bart. of Lincolnshire. His family is one of the most ancient and noble in England: it rose from the house of Rutland; and may say, that through its illustrious veins flows a portion of that blood which warmed the breasts of our bravest heroes. The only daughter of the renowned Sir Philip Sidney married an Earl of Rutland; and memory can yet remember the laurels which graced the forehead of the Marquis of Granby, which bound the wounded brows of Lord Robert Manners.

Lady Manners is worthy the noble stock on which she has been engrafted; and evinces herself a true sister of her three lovely sisters-in-law; Lady Heathcote, the Honorable Mrs. Duff, and the beautiful Duchess of St. Albans.