Barbara Hofland

A. G. L'Estrange, in Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford (1882) 83.

Another of Miss Mitford's artistic friends, also addicted, like Haydon, to covering yards of canvas with sacred subjects "whether people buy them or not," was Mr. Hofland. He was a man of talent; "he talks pictures and paints poems." She introduced him to Sir W. Elford; but his wife was her especial favorite. This lady had great literary productiveness and ability, wrote seventy works, mostly novels, and added descriptions to her husband's engraved sketches. Miss Mitford tells her that "the pictures will get fame and money, the books money and fame;" and observes, "She is womanly to her fingers' ends, and as truth-telling and independent as a skylark." She was a correspondent of Miss Edgeworth, and of Miss Mitford from her early years, and was with the latter in the "deserted great house" in 1818; but the first letter we have from her is dated May 25, 1820.