Rev. Henry Francis Cary

John Wilson, et. al., in Blackwood's Magazine (April 1822); Noctes Ambrosianae, ed. Mackenzie (1854) 1:171.

NORTH. By the way, Tickler, what do you think of the Continuation of Dr. Johnson's Lives of the Poets [by Cary, writing anonymously] in that periodical [London Magazine]?

TICKLER. Mere quackery. Why, the compiler manufactures a life of this and that poet from materials in every body's hands, and then boldly calls it "A Continuation of Dr. Johnson's Lives," &c. There seems no attempt to imitate his style at all. According to this notion, every thing that comes after another is a continuation of it. Is this quackery, or is it not, North?

NORTH. I see no harm in a little quackery; all we editors are quacks. I acknowledge myself to be a quack.

TICKLER. Ay, here carousing over Ambrosia and Nectar. But would you publically?

NORTH. Yes; on the top of St. Paul's — or in my own Magazine, that is, before the whole universe.