Michael Drayton

Anonymous, Review of England's Heroical Epistles; The Monthly Review 81 (August 1789) 180.

The editor of this part of Drayton's works thinks it difficult to assign a reason why the author's poetry should be so much neglected. He says, in his advertisement prefixed, that he found considerable pleasure in the perusal of the Heroical Epistles, and that it will much increase his satisfaction, should this edition serve to recommend their author to more general notice. — There is certainly as much merit in the works of this poet, as in those of most of his cotemporaries of his own country; but Shakespeare, Spenser, and Jonson, must always rank far above him. A short account of Drayton is prefixed to this volume. The notes and illustrations are partly taken from Drayton's own edition, others are supplied from our English historians, and some are furnished by the editor himself.

*** The best edition of the works of Michael Drayton, is that which is printed in four vols. 8vo. by Reeve, in 1753.