Bp. Richard Mant

Anonymous, Obituary for Richard Mant [father]; Gentleman's Magazine 87 (February-March 1817) 184, 286.

Jan. 29. At Southampton, in his 72d year, Rev. Dr. Mant, rector of All Saints, Southampton, and of Fonthill-Bishops, Wilts....

Rev. Richard Mant, D.D. was formerly a member of Trinity college, Oxford, where he took his degree of M.A. in 1768, but accumulated those of B. and D.D. at New College in 1793. He was educated under the Wartons, and continued on terms of the closest intimacy with those eminent scholars. He was the author of Public Worship, a Sermon preached at the consecration of All Saints' Church, Southampton, Nov. 12, 1795; which, when delivered, gave offence to the Dissenters, one of whom, a popular preacher of the town, published an attack upon the doctor on the charge of intolerance, to repel which he very judiciously printed his discourse. — The Order for the Visitation of the Sick, from the Book of Common Prayer, 1805. Eight Lectures on the occurrences of the Passion Week, 1807. Guide to the Understanding of the Church Catechism, 1807. — The Rev. Richard Mant, vicar of Great Coggeshall, and domestic chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, who had distinguished himself by several able theological and poetical publications, is a son of the deceased divine.