Rev. John Mitford

Robert Southey to Dr. Southey, November 1811; Selections from the Letters, ed. Warter (1856) 2:244.

You are acquainted with Mr. Wharton's sister. Is she not related to the Dr. Wharton who was Gray's correspondent? I wish you could ascertain for me whether Gray's Letters, after Mason had made his selections from them, were returned to Dr. Wharton, as I suppose they were; if they are still in being; and if they would be communicated to a gentleman and a scholar, who desires to publish an edition of the poet's works, with such a commentary as his own classical attainments will qualify him to produce. It is believed that Mason suppressed almost everything in the letters which related to Gray's individual concerns; there exists no motive of delicacy now for such suppression. The person for whom I make these enquiries is a clergyman, a young man, who seems to me very likely to make a distinguished figure in literature. His name is Mitford.