Bernard Barton

William Howitt to Alaric Alexander Watts, 10 May 1825; in Alaric Alfred Watts, Alaric Watts, a Narrative of his Life, by his Son (1884) 2:4-5.

Respected Friend,

Our friend Bernard Barton, about a month ago, informed me that thou hadst requested him to use his influence with any literary friend of his whom he might deem likely, to contribute to the next volume of thy elegant little work, The Literary Souvenir, and he earnestly desired Mary and myself to forward something. We are not fond of introducing ourselves where it may happen we are not quite welcome, and therefore thought not to comply with his wish; but, as I am again on the point of writing to Bernard, it has struck me that to say we could not follow his suggestions might imply a doubt of his influence with thee, or of the sincerity of thy request to him. We have, therefore, copied, and sent each a piece for thy approval. We shall thank thee to inform us whether they are acceptable; and it would give us much pleasure to hear at the same time a more favourable account of the health of thy brother, J. H. Wiffen, than we have received lately.

With best wishes, I am,

Thine respectfully,

Wm. Howitt.