Bernard Barton

Henry Roscoe, in Life of William Roscoe (1833) 1:20-21.

Miss Done [Barton's mother], and her sisters, Mrs. Bewley and Mrs. Holmes, resided in Westmorland; but an intimacy with some of Mr. Roscoe's friends in Liverpool, and temporary visits to that place, led to an acquaintance with him, which gradually ripened into friendship. They occasionally corresponded, and exchanged the productions of their Muse. Several of Mr. Roscoe's early pieces are addressed to this lady; and to her he originally inscribed his poem of Mount Pleasant, in some lines which do not appear in the printed copy. The character of Miss Done was of the most admirable and elevated class, as appears both from her poetry and her correspondence. She afterwards married Mr. John Barton. Subsequent to this event, she, with her sisters, still continued on the same friendly footing with Mr. Roscoe and his family for many years; and Mr. Barton became one of his warmest friends, and more frequent correspondents. Her son, Mr. Bernard Barton, to whom her poetical talents have descended, and her daughter, Mrs. Hack, the author of many valuable works for children, are well known in the literary world.