Bernard Barton

Lucy Barton to Matilda Betham, 1 September 1848; Ernest Betham, ed., A House of Letters (1905) 253-54.

My Dear Friends:

I think I told you that I had been advised to make a Selection from my dearest Father's Poems and correspondence for publication, to be accompanied by a Memoir and Portrait. This has occupied me much for we have given his poems a very careful revision, and selected only such as seemed likely to be of general interest. I have been fortunate enough to recover some delightful letters that he has written to different people, some excellent ones to Mrs. Shawe, some serious ones containing his opinions on serious matters, and some of a more social kind from Mr. Donne that he had kept, and some to Mr. Crabbe, more of good fellowship. I was to give a true picture of him to the world, and it cannot, I think, be more fairly done than in his own words. Have you kept any of his letters that you think would answer the purpose? So many people burn letters, particularly people having so many letters as you have, but if you have any that would be worth printing will you kindly let me know. I wrote to Mr. Moxon yesterday to ask him if he would like to become the publisher. Mr. Fitzgerald has been most kind and helpful to me. Indeed the Memoir part will I think be mostly written by him. I shall let you know how it goes on.