John Wilson

Dorothy Wordsworth to Thomas De Quincey, 1 May 1809; Letters, ed. Knight (1907) 1:433.

Mr. Wilson came to us on Saturday morning, and stayed till Sunday afternoon. William read the White Doe and Coleridge's Christabel to him, with both of which he was much delighted. He has promised to come again on Wednesday, and stay all night; and my brother, in return, has promised to read Peter Bell to him. They talked about going through Wales and thence to Ireland, and I do not think that the scheme will drop; therefore you must hold yourself in readiness to meet them in Wales, if you should not be here at the time. Miss Hutchinson has some thoughts of going into Wales in June; in which case William would accompany her, and Mr. Wilson would either go along with them or follow them; but if Miss H. does not go into Wales so soon, they most likely will defer the journey till the autumn, when you will, I hope, certainly be here.