Mary Russell Mitford

Leigh Hunt to Elizabeth Kent, 4 January 1825; Correspondence of Leigh Hunt (1862) 1:236.

You must know I have a great horror about hearing about Miss M., for she once wrote me a letter in which she called me a delightful poet, and no less delightful "proser;" which I did not know whether to take for a panegyric, or a satire; so I never answered the letter, which was horribly unpolite; and I have ever since, when I hear her name mentioned, not known whether to feel remorse or satisfaction. I conclude, upon the whole, the former; so if ever you fall in the way of her or her friend, pray state the case as it really was. She will have some opinion of my modesty, at any rate, if that is a quality which she values "in an elegant creature;" for of course I am elegant too, as she does not know me.