Lord Byron

John Murray to Lord Byron, 12 September 1816; Smiles, in A Publisher and his Friends: Memoir of John Murray (1891) 1:365.

I carried it [Childe Harold III] direct to Mr. Gifford. He has been exceedingly ill with jaundice, and unable to write or do anything. He was much pleased with my attention. I called upon him to-day. He said he was unable to leave off last night, and that he had sat up until he had finished every line of the canto. It had actually agitated him into a fever, and he was much worse when I called. He had persisted in finishing the volume, and he pronounced himself infinitely more delighted than when he first wrote to me. He says that what you have heretofore published is nothing to this effort. He says also, besides its being the most original and interesting, it is the most finished of your writings; and he has undertaken to correct the press for you.