Edmund Bolton

Thomas Hearne, 8 June 1714; Reliquae Hearniae, ed. Bliss (1869) 1:298-99.

Memorandum. That the book called Nero Caesar, printed in a pretty big character, in a small folio, was written by Mr. Bolton, as is noted by Mr. Webb in his Vindication of Stone Henge against Dr. Charleton. He is the same who collected notes about the life of Hen. IId. which are remitted into the History of Great Britain, by Jo. Speed, as is noted by Ant. a Wood, who calls him Edmund Bolton. He also hath a letter extant to Mr. Camden, published by Dr. Smith, page 188 of G. Camdeni et illustriorum Virorum Epp. The said Life of Nero is very well written. There is great variety of learning in it, managed with very much judgment. The copy I have, hath vacant spaces left for a great many coyns, which were designed to be added, and perhaps they were added in some copies.