Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen

John Britton, in Autobiography (1850) 1:235n.

Though I have been acquainted with several Quakers, I never met with one who was more sincere, candid, warm-hearted, and unsophisticated, and who united with these qualifications the susceptibility of the poet with the perseverance and discrimination of the faithful historian. His Memoirs of the House of Russell, which were printed by Mr. Moyes in 1832, will justify these remarks, and will derive further confirmation by his translation of Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, with a series of beautifully-executed engravings in wood, also in two smaller volumes. He produced a volume of Miscellaneous Poems, under the title of Aonian Hours, and other poetry. Mr. Wiffin was librarian to John, Duke of Bedford, in which honourable office he died, in May 1836, in the prime of life, much beloved by those who knew him. A well-written account of his personal and literary character is preserved in the Literary Gazette, May 1836.