Felicia Hemans

Thomas Medwin, in Life of Shelley (1833); Russell, Book of Authors (1860) 455.

Showed Shelley some poems to which I had subscribed, by Felicia Brown, whom I had met in North Wales, where she had been on a visit at the house of a connexion of mine. She was then [ca. 1808] sixteen, and it was impossible not to be struck with the beauty (for beautiful she was), the grace, and charming simplicity and naivete of this interesting girl; and on my return from Denbighshire, I made her and her works known to Shelley. Her juvenile productions, remarkable certainly for her age — and some of those which the volume contained were written when she was a mere child — made a powerful impression on Shelley, ever enthusiastic in his admiration of talent; and with a prophetic spirit he foresaw the coming greatness of that genius which, under the name of Hemans, afterwards electrified the world.