Felicia Hemans

Allan Cunningham, in "Biographical and Critical History of the Literature of the last Fifty Years" Athenaeum (November-December 1833) 773.

FELICIA HEMANS is the authoress of many a plaintive and mournful strain. She has shown high sentiment and heroic feelings occasionally, but her affections are with the gentle, the meek, and the wounded in spirit. It ought to be remembered, that in the strife of song she vanquished all the male professors who entered the lists. Some one who desired to do a good deed to the Muse, offered fifty pounds for the best poem on the memorable conference which ensued between Wallace and Bruce, after the fatal fight of Falkirk. There were many competitors; the Muse, with the waywardness of her sex, refused her effectual aid to any save Felicia, and enabled her to carry away the money and the fame. Her genius is of the domestic kind, and her best songs are rightly named of the "Affections."