John Gibson Lockhart

John Wilson, et. al., in Blackwood's Magazine (November 1826); Noctes Ambrosianae, ed. Mackenzie (1854) 2:291.

NORTH. You alluded, a little while ago, to the Quarterly Review, James. What think you of it, under the new management?

SHEPHERD. Na — I wud rather hear your ain opinion.

NORTH. I may be somewhat too partial to the young gentleman, James, who is now editor; and indeed consider him as a child of my own—

SHEPHERD. Was na't me that first prophesied his great abeelities when he was only an Oxford collegian, wi' a pale face and a black toozy head, but an ee like an eagle's, and a sort o' lauch about the screwed-up mouth o' him, that fules ca'd no canny, for they couldna thole the meanin' o't, and either sat dumbfounded, or pretended to be engaged to sooper, and slunk out o' the room?

NORTH. I have carefull preserved, among other relics of departed worth, the beautiful manuscript of the first article he ever sent me.