John Williams

George Daniel, in The Modern Dunciad (1814; 1815) 69 & n.

When PASQUIN, arm'd with libels, stalks by night,
Lest prowling bailiffs intercept his flight;
PASQUIN, dull rogue! who twenty years has made
His pamphlets turn a profitable trade;
How ****** dreads the vengeance of his muse,
And ***** who has no character to lose,
Quakes in his dark retreat; while you and I
With upright confidence his rage defy.
Unhappy PASQUlN! in thy latter days
Few fear thy wrath, none barter for thy praise;
But all thy pointless darts, at random thrown,
Hurt no one's name, but only d—n thine own.

Anthony Pasquin, Esq. alias "Doctor" John Williams: for some account of this personage, I refer the reader to Mr. Gifford's "Baviad," wherein his character, moral and literary, is very amply delineated. Anthony, who has so long "stared tremendous," has now completely sunk into obivion, together with his pamphlets and criticisms. It is said (how truly I know not,) that the "Doctor" has a yearly benefit at the Haymarket Theatre, under the name of "The Widow Fairbur." — No bad device for one who considers any name better than his own.