Rev. Samuel Ogden

William Cole, 1777; John Nichols, Anecdotes of the XVIII Century (1812-15) 1:566.

On the death of Dr. Newcome, no less than seven candidates started to succeed him; who were, Dr. Rutherforth, who had been long Tutor in the College; Dr. Brook, who succeeded him in the Margaret Professorship; Dr. Ogden, now Woodwardian Professor of Natural History; Mr. Skinner, late Orator of the University; Dr. [William-Samuel] Powell, late Tutor in the College; and Mr. (now Dr.) Frampton, Fellow also [All these particulars, it will be recollected, were written by Mr. Cole in 1777].

How the intrigues of this Conclave were carried on, is more than I know, being then settled in Buckinghamshire, and never enquiring about it since by return into Cambridgeshire. The result of it was however propitious to Dr. Powell, who was unanimously elected Master on the 25th of January 1765; a post he maintained with the greatest reputation and honour to himself, and credit and advantage to the Society, for the space of ten years, bating six days.