John Hookham Frere

Epes Sargent, in Harper's Cyclopaedia of British and American Poetry (1882) 273.

Frere (1769-1846) was a native of Norfolk. He entered the diplomatic service of England, and was minister to Spain in 1808. At one time he contributed to the Etonian, with Moultrie and Praed. He is commended by Scott and Byron. In 1817 Mr. Murray published a small poetical volume, under the eccentric title of Prospectus and Specimen of an Intended National Work by William and Robert Whistlecraft, of Stowmarket, in Suffolk, Harness and Collar Makers: intended to comprise the most interesting particulars relating to King Arthur his Round Table. For many years Mr. Frere resided in Malta, in the enjoyment of a handsome pension for diplomatic services; and in Malta he died, on the 7th of January, 1846, aged seventy-seven. In 1871 his works in prose and verse, and a memoir by his nephews, were published in two volumes.