Rev. Oliver William Bourne Peabody

Epes Sargent, in Harper's Cyclopaedia of British and American Poetry (1882) 522.

William Bourne Oliver Peabody (1799-1847) and Oliver William Bourne Peabody (1799-1848) were twin brothers, natives of Exeter, N. H., and sons of Judge Oliver Peabody. They entered Harvard College together at the early age of thirteen, and graduated in 1817. Both were men of fine intellectual endowments, gentle, and affectionate, keenly sensitive to all that is beautiful and good in nature and in art. Both brothers studied divinity, and became clergymen. William was settled over the Unitarian Church in Springfield, Mass., in 1830, and continued in his pastorate until his death. Oliver was settled, in 1845, over the Unitarian Church in Burlington, Vt. Both brothers wrote poetry, very similar in style; and both were so indifferent to fame that neither made a collection of his writings. A selection from the sermons and poems of William was published in 1849. The noble Hymn of the Stars (see page 544) is believed to have been from the pen of O. W. B. Peabody, but is not in his MS collection.