William Thomas Fitzgerald

John Taylor Esq., "To W. T. Fitzgerald, Esq. in Return for the Present of an Opera-Glass" Poems on Various Subjects (1827) 1:300.

Dear FITZ, tho' the glass does not quite suit my eye,
By its pow'r through the surface of things I can spy,
And, superior to DOLLOND'S in optical art,
It enables me clearly to see your whole heart.
Hence a gift of this kind you may make without fear,
Since the closer you're seen, you the fairer appear;
As a pledge of our friendship it shall, as you say,
Be carefully kept 'till my last awful day.
Let me trust the fond hope that my mind it will aid,
Through the various disguises of life to pervade,
To detect the sly knave through professions and show,
To descry modest merit, and delicate woe,
To find the bright regions where Genius is seen,
And mark its career void of envy or spleen,
Yes — Genius superior to Envy I view,
And the proof is I feel a pure friendship for you.