Gabriel Harvey

Thomas Nashe, in Christ's Teares over Jerusalem (1594); Moulton, Library of Literary Criticism (1901-05) 1:696.

A proverb it is, as stale as sea-biefe, save a thief from the gallows and hee'le be the first to shew thee the way to Saint Gilesesse. Harvey I manifestly saved from the knot under the eare: Verily, he had hanged him selfe had I gone forwards in my vengeance; but, I know not how, upon his prostrate intreatie, I was content to give him a short Psalme of mercy. Now, for reprieving him when he was ripe for execution, thus he requites me. Sixe and thirty sheets of mustard-pot paper since that hath he published against me.... Some few crummes of my booke hath he confuted: all the rest of his invention is nothing but an oxe with a pudding in his bellie.... Maister Lillie, poore deceasses Kit Marlow, reverent Doctor Perne, with a hundred other quiet senseless carcasses before the Conquest departed, in the same work he hath most notoriously and vilely dealt with; and, to conclude, he hath proved him selfe to be the only Gabriel Grave-digger under heaven.