Alexander Pope

Richard Savage, "To Miss M. H. sent with Mr. Pope's Works" Gentleman's Magazine 6 (June 1736) 348.

See female vice and female folly here,
Rallied with wit polite, or lash'd severe!
Let Pope present such objects to our view!
Such are, my fair, the full reverse of you.
Rapt when, to Loddon's stream from Windsor's shades,
He sings the modest charms of sylvan maids;
Dear Burford's hills in mem'ry's eye appear,
And Luddal's spring still murmurs in my ear:
But when you cease to bless my longing eyes,
Dumb is the spring, the joyless prospect dies:
Come then, my charmer come! here transport reigns!
New health, new youth inspirits all my veins.
Each hour let intercourse of hearts employ!
Thou life of loveliness! thou soul of joy!
Love wakes the birds — oh hear each melting lay!
Love warms the world — come charmer, come away!
But hark! — immortal Pope resumes the lyre!
Diviner airs, diviner flights, inspire:
Hark where an angel's language tunes the line!
See where the thoughts and looks of angels shine!
Here he pour'd all the music of your tongue,
And all your looks and thoughts, unconscious sung.