Rev. William Dodd

Joseph Cockfield to Weeden Butler, 18 September 1769; in John Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIII Century (1817-58) 5:796.

I am sorry no proper seats can be allotted to those whom curiosity or devotion brings to the Chapel, especially when a certain pretty quick observer mentioned to me, that some pews are occupied only by one, two, or three persons; but if the learned divine, instead of thinking to gain by godliness, could, in some happy moment, believe godliness (in the words of a truly inspired writer) to be gain, many parts of his conduct would be different; let me add, on this occasion, the proposed change of treatment would be the most effectual means to silence the complaints of those who watch over him with evil eyes. The good Doctor would think me an impertinent or a fool, if I was to give him personally this very just piece of advice.