Richard Savage

Martha Fowke Sansom ("Clio"), "To Mr. Savage, occasion'd by his Majesty's most Gracious Pardon extended to that Gentleman" Daily Journal (10 February 1728).

Now Life returns with new endearing Charms,
And Peace and Mercy spread their downy Arms:
Thy Safety, in my Eye, resplendent shines,
And all my Soul is speaking in my Lines.

Oh, that bright Learning wou'd with Fancy join,
What Glory, Great TYRCONNEL, shou'd be thine!
The weeping Reader shou'd for ever see
Thy gen'rous, flowing Eye, and bended Knee!
Oh, glorious Sight! which Mercy smiling views!
May Heav'n no future Prayer of thine refuse!
Health, Life, and Fortune on thy Wishes wait,
And sweet Repose, a Stranger to the Great!
And, thou my Friend! — oh, much too late unblest:
Beneath the Shelter of his Grandeur rest.
Oh, were thy Merit to the Mighty known,
Saving thy Life, thy have preserv'd their own;
For Immortality thy Muse attends,
And certain Fame, thy Patrons, and thy Friends.