Samuel Butler

Anonymous, Butler's Epitaph in Westminster Abbey; The Daily Post (1, 3 July 1721).

London, July 1.
A Monument is erecting in Westminster-Abbey, to the Memory of that celebrated Poet Mr. Samuel Butler, Author of Hudibras, at the Expence of Mr. John Barber, the City Printer; on which is set the following Inscription:

M. S.
Qui Strenshamiae in agro Vigorn. nat. 1612, obiit Lond. 1680.
Vir doctus imprimis, acer, integer;
Operibus Ingenii, non item praemiis, foelix:
Satyrici apud nos Carminis Artifex egregius;
Quo, simulatae Religionis Larvam detraxit;
Et Perduellium scelera liberrime exagitavit:
Scriptorum, in suo genere, Primus & Postremus.
Ne, cui vivo deerant fere omnia,
Deesset etiam mortuo Tumulus,
Hoc tandem, posito marmore, curavit
JOHANNES BARBER, Civis Londinensis, 1721.


London, July 3.
The Latin Inscription upon the Monument of Mr. Samuel Butler, Author of Hudibras, inserted in our last, may be English'd as followeth, viz.

Sacred to the Memory
Who was born at Strensham in the County of Worcester, 1612, and dy'd at London 1680.
He was thoroughly Learn'd, of quick Wit, and sound Sense:
Happy in the Fruits of his Wit, and sound Sense: suitable Rewards.
The justly celebrated Inventor of Burlesque Poetry in the English Tongue:
Whereby he freely scourg'd the Hypocrisy of all Pretenders to Religion;
And no less freely expos'd the Villanies of all Rebels to the State.
Of all Writers, in his peculiar Style, he was the Last as well as the First.
And lest he, who, in his Life-time wanted almost all Necessaries,
Should, now he is dead, want a Monument too,
This is at last supply'd at the Expence of JOHN BARBER, Citizen of London.
Who, in the Year 1721. placed this Marble here.