Rev. Jonathan Swift

Anonymous, "To the Patron of Liberty; on his Birth-Day" London Daily Post (16 December 1740).

Dublin, December 6. Last Sunday being the Anniversary of the Birth of that great and glorious Patriot, the Rev. Dr. SWIFT, D.S.P.D. who then entered into the 74th Year of his Age, the Morning was ushered in with ringing of Bells, &c. but on the Account of its being the Sabbath-Day, the Rejoicings were put off until next Day, when the same was observed with the utmost Demonstrations of Joy, by ringing of Bells, firing of Guns, Bonfires and Illuminations. Several Persons of Distinction waited on the Dean at the Deanery-House, to congratulate him on the happy Occasion, that gave to this his Native Country, so great a Lover of it.

To the Patron of Liberty; on his Birth-Day, Nov. 30.

As Comus sat in merry guise,
And hail'd the DRAPIER'S Natal Day,
Among his Brethren of the Skies
The Whisper went to move away:
In vain the God with various Art
Assay'd the sober Guests to keep,
Phoebus pronounc'd it time to part,
And Phoebus ws the Judge of Sleep;
For said the God that rules the Ray,
To-morrow we assemble here,
And thence we celebrate each Day
Inclusive to the Sixtieth Year;
For partial 'tis to let the DEAN
Our only Toast immortal be;
Each Day, since he cou'd Paper Stain,
Gave Birth to Things as great as He.