William Collins

Anonymous, "Ode to the River Arun" Poems by Camisis (1789) 22-23.

Stream of the Nine! whose hallowed Shore
Around, thy frantic Billows pour,
Lamenting as they roll;
O thou! whose listening Banks along
Warbled at Eve th' ecstatic Song
That charm'd the melting Soul;

By thy lov'd Bard — the boast of Fame!
By OTWAY'S sad remember'd Name,
Whose Memory e'er shall live;
By all the Woes his Pencil feign'd,
By all the Pangs his Breast sustain'd,
My simplest Gift receive.

E'en now, methinks, by Fancy fir'd
I view, in sedgy Garb attir'd,
ARUNA pensive rove!
Her nereid Train she calls around,
Surrounding Echoes catch the Sound,
And rend the bordering Grove.

Well may'st thou weep, well may'st thou mourn,
Thy Son and Sorrow's ever gone,
Well may'st thou vex the Skies;
For ah! on thy deserted Shore,
Like his shall never Genius more
To bless thy Hopes arise:

No more amid thy smiling Dales
Such Notes be heard, amid thy Vales
No more such Music breathe;
But cheerless loitering o'er thy Plain,
The buskin'd Muse shall ask in vain,
And tear her Cypress Wreath.