Richard Savage

Anonymous, "To the Memory of Mr. Richard Savage, upon reading the extraordinary ... Account of his Life" Gentleman's Magazine 15 (December 1745) 663.

From pomp in mind, and meanness in estate,
From rebel passions still at war with fate,
Now manumiz'd, th' unequal strife is o'er,
Fix'd is his fate, his hopes and fears no more.
Peace to his soul I wish, I hope it too,
Since in his crimes his punishment we view;
Left to remorse by rage, to scorn by pride,
To friendship wrong'd, a martyr, when he dy'd.

Oh! blam'd yet mourn'd, despis'd yet honour'd shade,
No more thy fame shall spread a chequer'd shade,
Thy faults shall perish, all thy worth shall shine,
For frailty's mortal, excellence divine:
O'er all the rest while dark oblivion flows,
Late times shall know thy birth, thy lays, thy woes,
Shall read, admire, compassionate and praise,
And while they give, with tears bedew, the bays.