Bp. Robert Lowth

Anonymous, in "Poem on the ancient Greek Model addressed to the Right Reverend Robert Lowth" General Advertiser and Morning Intelligencer (17 January 1780).

O LOWTH! we saw thy radiant name on high,
Amid the purest lights of Learning's sky;
And long, if true to Freedom's guiding voice,
Long in thy splendor shall that sphere rejoice;
One passing vapour shall dissolve away,
And leave thy glory's unobstructed ray;
But whilst on Fame's high precipice you stand,
Be nobly firm, nor bend the virtuous hand,
Filled with rich sweets from Freedom's flowery meed,
To pluck Servility's oblivious weed!
High in the Court's rank soil that creeper winds,
And oft with dark embrace the crosier binds;
While squeez'd from thence the subtle Prelate flings
Its luscious poison in the ear of Kings:
Nor spread in Courts alone those noxious leaves,
My Lord, as largely as he pays, receives;
And supple Chaplains to a Prelate bring,
A dose as rich as what he gives a King.