William Browne of Tavistock

Ben Jonson, "To my truly-belov'd Freind" Britannia's Pastorals, The Second Book (1616) Sig. A5v.

Some men, of Bookes or Freinds not speaking right,
May hurt them more with praise, then Foes with spight.
But I have seene thy worke, and I know thee:
And, if thou list thy selfe, what thou canst bee.
For, though but early in these pathes thou tread,
I find thee write most worthy to be read.
It must be thine owne judgment, yet, that sends
This thy worke forth: that judgment mine commends.
And, where the most reade bookes, on Authors fames,
Or, like our Money-Brokers, take up names
On credit, and are cossen'd; see, that thou
By offring not more sureties, then inow,
Hold thyne owne worth unbroke: which is so good
Upon th' Exchange of Letters, as I wou'd
More of our writers would like thee, not swell
With the how much they set forth, but th' how well.