Rev. Myles Cooper

Anonymous, "Myles Cooper" Morning Post and Daily Advertiser (7 October 1785).

The late Dr. Miles Cowper, of Edinburgh, was buried in the cemetery of the old church of Restalrig, about a mile east from Edinburgh, where those of the Episcopal persuasion are commonly interred. His death was very sudden. Not finding a gentleman at home with whom he went to dine, he repaired to a tavern, ordered dinner, and fell down dead while it was getting ready.

The following epitaph was found in his repositories:

Here lies a Priest, of English blood,
Who, living, lik'd whate'er was good;
Good company, good wine, good name,
Yet never hunted after fame:
But as the first he still preferr'd,
So here he chose to be interr'd;
And unobserv'd, from crowds withdrew,
To rest among a chosen few.
In humble hope that divine love,
Will raise him to the blest above.

It may perhaps deserve mention, that Dr. C's library sold for 5 and the liquors in his cellar for 150.