Alexander Pope

Anonymous, "Wrote in Mr. Pope's Poems" Collection of Miscellany Poems, never before publish'd" (1737) 231-32.

From our Throne at Parnassus we Phoebus commend,
Our Love to our fav'rite Poet, and Friend;
Whose Writings disclose so much Genius and Fire,
As none but the Parent of Wit could inspire;
Then know, while I'm daily employ'd in a Sphere,
Too high one would think to make Mortals my Care:
Of late I've observ'd how the Dolts of the Times,
By scandalous Prose, and by scurrilous Rhimes,
By harmless Invectives, and innocent Satires,
And Pamphlets full stuff'd with impertinent Matters;
By Trash, which its Grubstreet Composer betrays,
Has labour'd to snatch from thy Temple the Bayes;
But in vain, for the World by their Writings may see,
They ne'er had the smallest Assistance from me;
Let them at thy Glory, exclaim and repine,
Your Characters safe, for the Numbers are mine;
'Twas I that inspir'd whate'er you have Writ,
Exalted your Genius and bless'd you with Wit;
I gave the Persuasion that dwells on thy Tongue,
And polish'd those excellent Strains you have sung;
Then smile at the Dunces, for fairly it follows;
Who rail at thy Numbers, would rail at Apollo's.