St. George Tucker

Anonymous, "St. George Tucker" Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction 1 (Supplement, 1823) 468-69.

The following beautiful lines, communicated by W. D. S., and written by the Honourable St. George Tucker, of Virginia, on his being asked why he had ceased to court the poetic muse, need no apology for an introduction to our Album:

Days of my youth,
Ye have glided away.
Hairs of my youth,
Ye are frosted and grey.
Eyes of my youth,
Your keen sight is no more.
Cheeks of my youth,
Ye are furrow'd all o'er.
Strength of my youth,
All your vigor is gone.
Thoughts of my youth,
Your gay visions are flown.

Days of my youth,
I wish not your recall.
Hours of my youth,
I'm content you should fall.
Eyes of my youth,
You much evil have seen.
Cheeks of my youth,
Bath'd in tears have you been.
Thoughts of my youth,
Ye have led me astray.
Strength of my youth,
Why lament your decay.

Days of my age,
Ye will shortly be past.
Pains of my age,
Yet awhile ye can last.
Joys of my age,
In true wisdom delight.
Eyes of my age,
Be religion your light.
Thoughts of my age,
Dread ye not the cold sod.
Hopes of my age,
Be ye fix'd on your God.