Christopher Anstey

W. O., "On reading the New Bath Guide, written by Simkin Blunderhead, Esq." Bath Journal (18 December 1769).

This comical Son of the Blunderhead Tribe,
Is a clear-headed Wit, and a long-headed Scribe:
A Work of such Humour, and Spirit so keen,
I freely acknowledge I seldom have seen.
So smooth are his Strains, and his Satire so smart,
He tickles the Ear, while he touches the Heart.
With Rapture we read, while his Numbers display
The Humour of SWIFT, and the Sweetness of GAY.
(O Candour! forgive the devotional Dream,
The only reprovable Verse in his Theme.)
If this be the Way of the Blunderhead Clan,
Pray shew a more sensible Head if you can:
If this be the Case, that your Blunderheads write
More Wit ten to one, than some Wiseheads indite;
Tho' Folly might frown, and the Criticks might damn,
I'd still be a BLUNDERHEAD more than I am.
Dec. 12, 1769.