Edmund Burke

Anonymous, "To the Right Hon. Edmund Burke" Dublin Evening Post (21 October 1786).

Welcome first fav'rite in the Muses train,
Welcome, thrice welcome, to this isle again;
Hibernia smiles, when men like thee appear,
Thy godlike virtues, well deserve her care.
For many years th' admiring nations find
The rays of honour, which adorn thy mind;
A mind so pure, by Liberty inspir'd
With patriot spirit — Heav'nly justice fir'd,
A heart replete with charity and truth,
That mark'd thy conduct in the dawn of youth.
Maturer years hath now improv'd thy plan,
And stamp'd the merit of th' aspiring man.
Hibernia's son, with rapture now we view,
A father, friend, and brother — all in you:
E'en lisping children catch the sacred name,
And join to echo — thy unbounded fame.
At humble distance — lo — a trivial Bard
Views ev'ry virtue — and the bright reward
Of talents great — superior worth like thine,
The grateful task, may't be for ever mine.
Long may those virtues eminently blaze,
Hibernia's boast — and Albion's constant praise.